I know how hard it is to juggle life as a working mom, and have done everything possible to make this program super simple and easy to follow. Workouts won’t take too long and meal prep and planning is laid out for you simply!

We will also be using kettlebells for our workouts…which makes this a bit different than some other workout programs on the market. You won’t need a ton of equipment, just a few kettlebells and you’re good to go. This program is designed for ALL levels, from beginners to experienced kettlebell enthusiasts!

“I love the variety of exercises and the length of time the workout takes. I can easily set aside 30 minutes every day to exercise. Overall I feel stronger and I have learned to enjoy the sore muscles sensation because this means my body is changing!”
Kimberly D’Amico
“I have thoroughly enjoyed Kathryn’s program. I was very excited to see that kettlebells were not as hard as I anticipated, and can already feel a difference in my energy levels and my sleep.”

– Morgan

Working mom of 3

“The workouts are challenging, but time savy, & totally do-able. The kettlebell workouts have now become my favorite and make working with weight less intimidating. I feel stronger every day! Kathryn has been readily available, and offers daily tips and encouragement. The private FB page lets you ask questions & still giggle with the girls about what hurts the next day. Loving the workouts & excited about the results!”
– Angie
Registered Nurse
“The 30 Day program met my needs perfectly! Using kettlebells is awesome for one main reason – it’s EFFICIENT! This program’s FB community kept us working together and accountable. Kathryn’s designed the right amount of work to be intense – but quick! Overall, really cool program and saw results in added strength!”
Working mom of 2


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